Why La Vie en Rose in Paris!

I never imagined one day that sewing would become my job. Initially, I work in the finance department of an international law firm. I stop my professional activity to stay full time with my children ... I love it!

What my children love above all is to be disguised ! As soon as they comme back home from school, they are metamorphosed into Cinderella, Rapunzel, Princess, Captain Hook ...and their small problems of everyday life are quickly forgotten.

Very quickly, I find that the disguises of the trade are:
- either low-end and I hear a little voice make me very rightly note that "the princess dress in photo ON the box, it's not the same as the dress IN the box";
- either high-end but overpriced.

A few lessons with a knowledgeable costume designer and the little Cinderella mice .... La Vie En Rose in Paris opens its doors to those who want to give themselves a little parenthesis of life in pink.

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